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CODEX Ethiopia

The objective of the National Codex Committee is to represent Ethiopia and advice the Ethiopian Government in the work of the CODEX at the national level. Issues and recommend the adoption of codex standards including execution of awareness campaigns at various levels.

Composition of NCC

The National Codex Committee (NCC) was established on 10 February 2003 by the initiation of the Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia comprising of members from different institutions. This committee has been reorganized on 29 July 2008 in order to accomplish its duties and responsibilities effectively. Member organizations of the National codex committee are:

•  Addis Ababa University •  Ministry of Health •  Ministry of Agriculture •  Ministry of Trade and Industry • Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute •  Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization •  Chemical Society of Ethiopia •  Ethiopian Manufacturing Industries Association •  Ethiopian Consumers Association •  Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Sectorial Association •  Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia.

National Codex Contact Point (NCCP- Ethiopia).

Ethiopian Standards Agency has been designated as the nodal organization for liaison with the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It is also responsible for adopting standards as Ethiopia Standards and enforcing technical regulations in selected fields. Its establishment proclamation is 102/1998 and amendment No. 413/2004 ( The National Codex Contact Point (NCCP) as well as the National Codex Committee (NCC), constituted by theEthiopian Standards Agency are keeping liaison with the CAC.

The National Codex Contact Point acts as the liaison office to coordinate with the other concernedgovernment Organizations(Including regulatory bodies),food industry,consumers,traders,research and development institutions and academia ,through the National Codex Commeeittee. To ensure that the government is backed with an appropriate balance of policy and technical advice upon which to base decisions relating to issues raised in the context of the CAC and its Subsidiary Bodies

Who's Who in NCC-Ethiopia

You can  download detai information about NCC-Ethiopia Members in PDF format

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