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Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be a leading Center of Excellence among Middle income Countries in Standardization by 2025. 


To create favorable condition for technology transfer and significantly contribute to the country's socio-economic development by ensuring competitiveness of the manufacturers and service providers through internationally accepted and technical support practices.


To develop Ethiopian Standards and establish a system that enable to check weather goods and services are in compliance with the required standards;

  • To facilitate the country’s technology transfer through the use of standards;
  • To develop national standards for local products and services so as to make them competitive in the international
  • Reflect the interest of the country in the field of standards by actively participating in relevant ISO Technical committees.
  • Develop, implement and follow-up standardization strategy for the purpose of quality promotion activities which are in line with the country’s developmental programs;
  • Develop, through stakeholders involvement, approve and publicize Ethiopian Standards;
  • Recognize any standard published by a national, regional international or any other standardization body as Ethiopian standards, as may be relevant;
  • Establish national technical committees.

Last Modified: 09/07/2015