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Core Business Areas

Ethiopian standards agency has three core business areas which mainly focus on the standards formulation, training and Technical support and organizing and disseminating information on standards, Conformity assessment procedures and Technical regulation for the customers.

1. Development of Ethiopian Standards

Since the establishment of the organization, more than 7,000 Ethiopian standards were formulated in different fields, of which agriculture, food and chemical technology, electromechanical, construction and civil engineering, textile and leather technology, health and safety and others.

2. Training and Technical support

By assessing the needs of the producers, service renders and consumers, the agency gives advice, training and technical support in different fields to solve problems related to implementation of standards.  The agency gives advice, training and technical support on the following fields; quality management systems, environmental protection and food safety, standard formulations project works, statistical process control, on the job safety management systems, internal quality audit and others.

3. Information technology and documentation services

More than 200,000 standards and other normative documents of national, regional and international standards are available at ESA’s library.  The Agency organizes and disseminates the documents in modern way according to the interest of the users.  Standards are also available.

Last Modified: 02/10/2014