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ESA's History

Standardization is the process of formulating,issuing and implementation of standards.Modern standardization became a recognized norm since early 20 th century and obtained significant attantion with the increased growth of industry,mass production,trade expanision and cosumer needs.

In Ethiopia ,the need for standardization became evident during earily 1950's as it was noticed that export of agricultural commudities was being affected due to lack of the support of standaridation.Following the emergency of Addis Ababa, the capital  of Ethiopia as amodern city, it was also noticed that there is an urgent need for standardizationof building , electrical appliances and water suplies, especially in the new Univeristy campus- Addis Ababa Univeristy,faculity of science. these were among the problems which are worth monitoring and that have led the way through to creating national standardization body, which happened in 1972.

Last Modified: 01/29/2013