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How to get involved

ESA actively seeks to bring together all those with significant interest in particular projects. Representations are sought from many spheres including: consumer organizations; professional institutions; certification, testing and inspection bodies; educational establishments; research organizations; enforcement bodies and government institutions.

ESA also works with trade associations or equivalent organizations as a means of representing most standards users in business. This enables a wide measure of consultation and support in standards work.

All participation is on a voluntary basis, and there are a number of different ways that you can be involved in helping to develop standards:

  • become a Committee member
  • comment on Drafts for Public Comment
  • become a Consumer representative

To see a list of committees, together with their Terms of Reference, visit homepage and click on Technical committee. You do not have to log in to do this. 

Become a committee member

There are currently 90 Ethiopian committees with approximately 700 Members. All Committee Members give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis often with the support of their employer or trade association. The commitment required varies between and within committees, depending on the current work programme and the level of participation. Most committees only meet a few times each year but some members also represent the national view at Regional and international meetings abroad.

It is a requirement of ESA bye-laws that all Technical l committees are representative of the interests of users, manufacturers, government institutions and other bodies concerned with their work.

If you are interested in participating in the work of a national or an international committee, please contact who can put you in touch with the relevant person to discuss how this can be achieved.

Become a consumer representative

ESA is committed to trying to ensure that representation on its technical committees and access to the standards-making process is as wide as possible and maintains a Consumer Interest, responsible for co-ordinating the participation of those stakeholders who would not otherwise normally be involved at a day-to-day level. They come from diverse backgrounds and have a range of high quality expertise and experience. Those who are unfamiliar with standardization are given suitable training and guidance in the standardization process, including specific skills required for researching, reporting and attendance at meetings both here and abroad

The objective is to influence the content of standards to reflect the needs and proper expectations of the general public with regard to factors such safety and security, labelling, accessibility, fairness and redress.

If you are interested in being involved with this work, please contact

ESA Standards Draft Review system

ESA is pleased to announce the launch of its online Draft Review system for national Drafts for Public Comment on the website. You will be able to read the full draft and leave comments and suggestions about its content which we may use in the final Ethiopian Standard.
Please visit our site at

Last Modified: 10/22/2012