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About Training and support



       Trainee at Ethiopian Standards Agency's traing hall.

  Training and Technical Support form an integral part of Ethiopian Standard Agency helping the national standardization effort through training and consultation to implement   Ethiopian Standards by industry, government and other user groups.

In addition to Training,Technical Support helps industries and other service providers to use and implement standard to assess, select, transfer and make use of the latest technology.

Training Programs

The Ethiopia Standards Agency (ESA) is committed to provide quality training to the agricultural, industrial and service sectors to continuously and consistently satisfy their needs and expectations in the area of management system, standardization, and support in their quest for local and global competitiveness.

 ESA has two types of training program, Annual Training program and Tailor Made Training Program. Each of the training program can consists of a number of courses under each Training Category. Annual Training programs are a training which are already planned within the calendar year for each  list of training course and are scheduled to be given at ESA headquarter(See More). A Tailor Made Training Program is a training schedule and which is customized based on the customer needs  for available courses.(See More).

Technical Support

The technical Support is provided to the organization who intends to implement standard so as to enhance their competiveness in producing quality products and support the national effort for social and economic development. (see more on technical support)


Last Modified: 09/09/2015