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Organizational Structure of ESA

The standardization infrastructure has undergone several changes since its birth and the latest was in 2010 which caused the splitting of Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia (QSAE) into four including the new national standards body (NSB) – Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA) :about the structure see more detail on organizatioal structure.

ESA facilitates for the development of Ethiopian Standards (ESs) for products, processes, services and management systems. Ethiopian Standards are developed in various fields such as agriculture, food, manufacturing, engineering, chemicals, textile, leather, health and environment. They cover such aspects as terminology, symbols, design, specifications, sampling, test methods, packaging, labeling and marking. The Standards Directorate handles the Secretariat role of ESA in the activities that are related to standards development.

ESA represents Ethiopia in international and regional standardization affairs and is a member of the International Organization For Standardization (ISO) and African Regional Standards Organization (ARSO).

Last Modified: 01/20/2014