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A Tool for Improving Ethiopian Electoral Systems:ISO/TS 54001

By : Bezawit Lelisa

Ethiopia will have General Elections in 2020 to elect officials to the House of Peoples Representatives. The elections are scheduled to be held in August2020. Regional and council elections will also be held at the same time around the country. In relation, to this I just want to say a few things about international standard and electoral systems. Everybody is eager to see free, fair and democratic elections in Ethiopia .So I believe that our traditional electoral systems should be improved by bringing best practices from developed nations. This is to say we have to bring international standard in order to develop a democratic political systems .
ISO have the technical specification ISO/TS 54001, Quality management systems- particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2015 for electoral organizations at all levels of government creates the framework for quality management systems that helps electoral bodies provide more reliable and transparent electoral services. Of course it is based on ISO 9001 Quality management Systems with specific sector requirements. It has been recently updated to reflect updates to ISO 9001 to keep it more in line with market needs.
The technical specification ISO/TS 54001 is an important tool for electoral organizations because it helps to build confidence in elections through enabling transparency, effective planning and management, and efficiency in electoral processes.
In fact Ethiopia will have its own legal framework based on international and national law; the intention of this technical specification is not to replace the already established law of the country.
However, by outlining international best practice when it comes to the quality management of an election and an electoral organization, it enables Ethiopia to improve processes, to strengthen citizen confidence, reduce risks and continually improve.
The technical specification ISO/TS 54001 covers all aspects of a successful election such as registration of candidates and voters, vote casting and counting, declaration of results and resolution of electoral disputes.

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