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9 : Graphic technology, graphical symbols, technical drawings, & photography

Standardization of:
- Terminology, test methods and specifications in the field of printing and graphic technology from the original provided to finished products.  The scope includes in particular composition, reproduction, printing process, finishing (for example binding) and suitability of skins, substances and other materials used in graphic technology;
-  Graphical symbols as well as of message that a symbol is intended to convey, example safety sign and establishing principles for preparation, coordination and application of graphical symbols;
-  Technical drawings in general;
-  Still picture imaging-chemical and electronic including ignitions for still imaging systems; methods for measuring, testing, rating, packing, labeling, specifying and classifying in chemical and electronic still imaging; methods, measurements, specifications, and security of imaging media and materials, and imaging materials disposition.
- Standardization of letters, numerals, punctuation marks, mathematical signs and symbols, and symbols for quantities and units