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Management System Audit Based on ISO 19011:2002


An increasing number of organizations are involved in, or insist that their suppliers comply with ISO 9000 quality management systems and ISO 14000 environmental management systems requirements. One of the requirements of these standards covers "systems audit" in order to verify their effectiveness and suitability to achieve quality objectives, and to arrange and carry out improvements. In order to conform to this requirement and introduce improvements, thus, it is necessary to understand and be able to implement auditing principles and techniques.


After completing this course, participants will be able to conduct audits to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the management system installed. Participants are evaluated through intensive practical audit exercises and final test.


  • Basic concepts of audit 
    • Overview of ISO 9001&14001
    • What is an audit
    • Types of audits
    • Audit terminology
    • Audit principles
    • What is ISO 19011:2002
  • Audit program management
    • Objective & scope
    • Program implementation
    • Monitoring & reviewing
  • Audit activities
    • Initiating the audit
    • Document review
    • Preparing for on site audit
    • Conducting the audit
    • Audit report
    • Audit follow-up
  • Competence and evaluation
    • Personal attributes
    • knowledge & skills
    • Education and work experience
    • Maintenance and improvement of competence
    • Auditor evaluation

Target group

This course is intended for personnel with the prime function of conducting quality and/or environmental management systems audits and personnel who are likely to be audited.


Course participants will be required to be trained in quality management system model 1 & 2 and/or environmental management system model 4.

How to Register/Book for the training

To register online click Register For Tailor- Made Program button below. If you want to book on phone or in person or need any information, please get the course contact person. Contact Address Tel:251-116-460111 or e-mail,