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Statistical Process Control

 Statistical Process Control

Course Code: Course 7
Course Title:   Statistical Process Control
Category: Improvement Tools


Achieving the intended quality level requires, among other factors, identification, measuring and control of all causes of Variations. Statistical process control ( SPC) is a statistical technique to the measurement and analysis of variation in any processes, which is unique combination of machines, tools, methods, material & people, that attains an output in goods, soft ware, or services. It examines the significance of variation, use of control chart in analyzing & minimizing variations, quantification of process capability and the relation of these concepts to other techniques for process improvement. Thus, in order to achieve the targeted quality objectives, industries are required to use the fascinating SPC techniques.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to understand, develop and use the SPC tools to achieve the quality objectives of their respective companies. Participants will be evaluated through intensive exercises and final test.


Definition of statistical terms

  • Introduction to SPC
  • Collection of Data
  • SPC tools
  • Brainstorming
  • Sampling
  • Check sheet
  • Run chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • The five whys
  • Fish-bone/cause and effect chart
  • Histogram
  • Correlation Chart
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Control Chart
  • Process capability
  • Force field analysis
  • Prioritization matrix

Target group

This course is intended for production and quality control personnel of the manufacturing and service industries.

Admission requirements

The participant shall have at least diploma or equivalent relevant to his/her field of employment and two years of occupational practice.

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