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Standards Writing

Back ground

Standardization efforts have significant contribution in achieving maximum economy through better utilization of resources like capital, human and materials. Standards are also needed to meet the continuously growing market demands for exchange of goods, services and ideas. The globalization of trade has also revealed a desire for

harmonization of standards to remove unnecessary technical barriers to trade and facilitate the flow of goods, service and ideas among all nations. Therefore, to optimize the utilization of resources, achieve the desired quality level and meet the growing market demands companies need to understand and introduce standardization in to their products, process and services.


After completing this course participants will be able to understand and implement the principles and techniques of standardization and apply for standardizing products design, products, processes and services.


  • Need for standardization
  • Definition of Standard and standardization
  • Economic benefits of standardization
  • Levels of standardization
  • Needs for company standards
  • Principles of standardization
  • Aims of standardization
  • The role of standards in trade promotion
  • Standards Vs conformity assessment
  • Standards as technical barriers to trade
  • Basic steps in the development of standards

Target group

This course is intended for senior managers and technical personnel who will be involved in developing company standards.

Admission Requirements

The participant shall have at least diploma or equivalent relevant to his/her field of employment and 3 years of experience in the area of operation.

How to Register/Book for the training

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